Your outline needs to be a three-tier topic and evidence outline in traditional,

Your outline needs to be a three-tier topic and evidence outline in traditional,Uncategorized Your outline needs to be a three-tier topic and evidence outline in traditional, alphanumeric outline format. To meet the word requirement for the paper, your completed outline should be about 6 pages.Three-tier means you need objectives (I, II, III), the topics and subtopics you must address (A, B, C), and then the specific quotes, paraphrases, and summaries WITH CITATION you intend to use (1, 2, 3). If you would like to add a fourth tier, that would include the explanation of your evidence and you would use lower-case Roman numerals (i, ii, iii), but it is not required. It is important that you use the correct letter or number for each tier.A “topic” outline means it does not have to be in complete sentences. Your objectives should be verb statements reflecting what that part of your argument is trying to accomplish. Do try to make your outline items parallel. Also, if you have an A point, you have to have at least a B point–you need to have more than one supporting point for each main idea. You can’t have an A without a B or a 1 without a 2. I have included links in the module to explain the correct ways to use parallelism, coordination, and subordination in your outline/argument.Avoid this common research/organization problem:Each topic/subtopic should contain information from at least two different sources. You should integrate the information from your sources so that you don’t have 4 citations in a row from Source A, which then disappears, then 5 citations in a row from Source B, then 5 from Source C, etc. I should see in each point how you consider evidence from several different sources. To be a legit Research Paper, you must weave together the information from various sources.IF DONE CORRECTLY, your outline will have all of the information you need when you sit down to type out your paper. This is a time-consuming process, because this is where you put the information together not when you actually type the paper, so please give yourself several hours to outline and cite your research correctly. The outline is graded on: correct alphanumeric outlining, appropriate coordination and subordination of ideas, logical progression of topics with adequate support, and a clear Essential Question and Tentative Thesis.A note about the typical Research Paper structure:A standard research paper will likely include the following parts:Introduction (1-2 paragraphs) explaining your topic and giving necessary background information and context; this should include a thesis statement. You may also choose to incorporate some source summary information here see below.Body paragraphs (about 4-8) that include a presentation and analysis of the issue and possible solution(s) to the problem; at this point, you shouldn’t give your opinion, just unbiased information. Keep in mind you may need to incorporate brief summaries of sources you are leaning heavily on in your paper (this is basically a literature review). This will give the reader context for the evidence you use. Make sure your summaries begin with a signal phrase and end with a citation (like you learned in Eng 111). It is also an option to include some of this information in your introductory paragraphs. This section of your paper will include most of the objectives in your outline.Analysis and Conclusion (2-3 paragraphs) that begins by analyzing the research you have presented (much like the Discussion in your APA Report). It then explains your argument about the issue, supported by expert opinion, and synthesized information about the issue/topics. Here you can address and shut down any counterarguments, focus on the most logical position or solution. It is okay at this point in the paper to reveal your stance, but certainly do not include “I think” phrases, formal announcements, or direct references to yourself.

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