Writing Exam Instructions For this writing assessment, you will write a multi-pa

Writing Exam Instructions For this writing assessment, you will write a multi-paUncategorized Writing Exam InstructionsFor this writing assessment, you will write a multi-paragraph argument in which you address this prompt:Write an argument to your local school board members in which you argue in favor of a new rule requiring students to wear school uniforms, OR against that new rule. Support your claim with reasons and evidence. In your argument, use information from one or both of the lists provided.Use the writing process you learned as you wrote your argument essay for the course.1. Read the two provided pro-and-con lists closely, keeping the writing prompt in mind.2. Plan your writing. What will your claim be? What evidence from the provided pro-and-con lists can you use to support your ideas?3. Write your argument. Be sure todevelop a claiminclude reasons to support your claimuse information from one or more of the pro-and-con listsaddress a counterclaimprovide a rebuttal for the counterclaim4. Review your argument and make any needed revisions or edits.List 1: School Uniforms ProsThe majority of school principals participating in a national survey in 2013 believe that school uniforms make a positive impact on classroom discipline, student safety, and student achievement.School administrators and teachers who were surveyed state that school uniforms improve student self-esteem and academic success.School administrators and teachers report that students are less distracted when wearing school uniforms.Executive Director of the National School Safety Center Ronald D. Stephens has said that, with increasing amounts of violence in schools, schools and communities feel safer requiring students to wear uniforms.List 2: School Uniforms ConsThe 1969 Supreme Court decision Tinker v. Des Moines found that students have a constitutional right to free speech at school. This ruling has been interpreted to mean that students may wear what they wish to school, as long as the school or district determines that it does not interfere with school safety or discipline.Uniforms are expensive, costing American parents approximately $1 billion a year.Ninety percent of students surveyed by the University of Nevada, Reno, researchers strongly agreed that they did not like wearing school uniforms.Several studies have found that there is no proven cause-and-effect relationship between wearing school uniforms and higher student achievement.

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