Which specific factors/ determinants of health does the program/intervention seek to change in order to improve the health issue?

(no subject)InboxYvanna Hildaiz8:58 PM (0 minutes ago)to meng2health promotion intervention/ program.Students will analyze the article (see items below) and write a reflection on the health promotion interventionIn order to earn full credit, students must discuss each of the following in the reflection essay.Points will be taken if a student fails to accurately discuss the material below. It is important that studentsfirst scan the article chosen to be certain that they can discuss the following items.• Briefly describe the health issue the intervention/program seeks to address (eg. childhood obesity,tobacco use among youth, breastfeeding continuation among teenage mothers).• Which specific factors/ determinants of health does the program/intervention seek to change in order toimprove the health issue?F3О ИAt which level(s) of the social-ecological model do these factors occur?• Key features of the interventionthe type of intervention.e.g. health communication, health education, community mobilization, policy, advocacy, changes inthe physical environment, modification of existing services, creation of a new service to meet theneeds of the target populationwhere do the strategies take place?how often implemented,how long it lasted,community stakeholders, sectors & resources that were involved,If this is not explicitly described in the article, suggest at least 3 potential partners based on whatyou know regarding the program, health issue, and target population#3Ways in which the program sought to promote health equity.e.g which social determinants of health were addressed, supports/ resources for addressingbarriers/ challenges experienced by the target populationIf this is not explicitly addressed in the article, students should propose at least 2 ways in which theprogram could/should address equity,Each student will submit a pdf file of the chosen journal article along with a WORD file of the reflection(not PDF).

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