The Vietnam War Watch the Documentary

The Vietnam War Watch the Documentary The Vietnam War Watch the Documentaryfor this assignment. Once you watch the documentary of your choice,answering the following questions.With your answers, include the time stamp inhours:minutes:seconds. Here’s an example (00:08:46) or (01:03:29).Answer in completesentences. You don’t need to write more than two to five sentences per question.Include thequestions with your answers.1. What new insights did you gain from the documentary? Divide the documentary intothree parts (beginning, middle, and end)1 and include an insight(s) you gained from eachpart. This is not a group assignment.2. Describe three moments or scene in the documentary that was particularly compellingand evoked an emotion (disturbing, moving, etc.) What was it about that scene that wasespecially compelling for you? Include something from each part of the documentary (seeend note).3. Was anything relatable in the documentary? Why or why not?4. If you could ask anyone in the documentary a single question, whom would you ask andwhat would you want to know?5. What did you learn from this documentary that you wish everyone knew? What wouldchange if everyone knew it?6. If you could require one person (or one group) to view this documentary, who would it beand why? What do you hope their main takeaway would be?7. The story of the Great Depression is important because __________

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