Standard Operating Procedure For this assignment, you will write a one- or two-p

Standard Operating Procedure For this assignment, you will write a one- or two-pUncategorized Standard Operating ProcedureFor this assignment, you will write a one- or two-page Standard Operating Procedure or Guideline (SOP or SOG) to address the use of sick leave regarding the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The SOP should be fair while protecting your organization from liability, possibly criminal acts, and the criticism of the public. You will be writing the purpose statement, scope, and procedure.Use the blank template for the SOP that can be used to complete this assignment. The purpose statement should provide detailed instructions to facilitate compliance of the SOP. The scope includes the activities the SOP applies to as well as any limitations or exceptions. The procedure will describe specifically what to do to ensure compliance by all intended users—not how to do it.Your SOP or SOG should not only evaluate the FMLA to minimize legal liability, but it should also address the following:employees providing 30 days’ advance notice when the leave is foreseeable;employees providing medical certification to support a request for leave because of a serious health condition;employees’ allowable time off for serious health conditions or to care for their spouses, sons or daughters, or parents who have serious health conditions; andemployees caring for a child after birth or after the child has been placed with the employee for adoption or foster care.If you use any material from other sources, you must include the citations at the bottom of the SOP or SOG. All sources for the information you use from the CSU Online Library should be from reputable, reliable journal articles, case studies, scholarly papers, and other sources that you feel are pertinent. All sources used, including the textbooks, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in proper APA style.

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