Shayna M Hill Wednesday Jun 8 at 6:16pm Manage Discussion Entry The concept of E

Shayna M Hill Wednesday Jun 8 at 6:16pm Manage Discussion Entry The concept of EUncategorized Shayna M HillWednesdayJun 8 at 6:16pmManage Discussion EntryThe concept of Euthanasia has been a controversial topic since its inception. The word ‘Euthanasia’ is derived from Greek, ‘Eu’ meaning ‘good’ and ‘thanatos’ meaning ‘death’, put together it means ‘good death’. Euthanasia is defined as the hastening of death of a patient to prevent further sufferings”.1 This topic has been in the forefront of healthcare since the 1990’s and still has major gray areas. On the one hand patients have the right to choose what they feel is best for their life. Then, on the other hand we are basically giving people the go ahead to end life if they aren’t pleased with the outcomes of medical illness or procedures. As healthcare providers our first job is to remember that autonomy and choice are that of the individual to whom we are providing care too.In almost every state and or western democracy it is a crime to assist in one’s suicide. The assisted suicide bans are no innovations, but they are longstanding expressions of the Unites States commitment to protect and preserve of all human life. In the United States euthanasia is illegal however, patient assisted suicide is currently legal in 10 states. The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg have legalized euthanasia along with patient assisted suicide also legal in the Netherlands. These countries have adopted legislature which assist in determining which patients are eligible and which patients are not. “In all these jurisdictions, safeguards, criteria and procedures were put in place to control the practices, to ensure societal oversight and to prevent euthanasia and PAS from being abused or misused”.2 Patients must be consulted by not only their personal physicians but then consulted by a second physician who is unfamiliar with the patient. Once that is completed, they must also obtain a psychological referral to determine the patients’ mental standing. Most who seek euthanasia/pas aren’t only the terminally ill but, those who are mentally ill. A terminal illness is no longer a prerequisite. In addition, those who are 70 years of age or older and “tired of living” were also allowed to be considered. Studies shown that losing a sense of dignity, hope, and overshadow of being a burden helped many to seek euthanasia/patient assisted suicide as essential. It is one thing to face death yet if you feel as a burden to caretakers. All people even those afflicted want a sense of dignity in their suffering. Although palliative care is an option there are stigmas attached. The word is synonymous for impending death. It removes the hope for better and speeds up the desire for those to end life as quickly as possible. Most care facilities are not welcoming and can create further depressing situation.We as healthcare providers particularly nurses empower patients more than physicians. When we provide them with judgment free care it allows for them to feel a sense of calm. The decision-making process during illness is a great weight to bare. Yes, we are human, but we must be careful not to blur the lines of professional and personal. Ultimately the choice to live or die is the patients right. If they are of the mental capacity, we must support them. When the family can make those decisions, we still must be an advocate and support the patient. The main thing we can do is be empathetic through our support for their decision. Now if we have particular views that will affect our abilities to provide judgement free care then we must remove ourselves from the situation.

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