Sbar Situation Background Assessment Recommendation

  PurposeIn your professional life and work, you will find the need to research and learn what you can about certain topics so that you can educate others. This is particularly true when there is a problem to be solved, and you have to make recommendation(s) to others. Key executives appreciate a summary called an SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation), where you will describe the situation (problem), provide background information about the situation, state your assessment of the matter and potential solutions, and then recommend which solution(s) you suggest using to resolve the issue. The SBAR is the tool considered to be industry best practice for standardized communication. Thought brevity is a key component for an executive-level SBAR the goal of this assignment is for you communicate your thought process and understanding of the issues an HIT professional should consider when encountered with analyzing a merger/acquisition scenario (something which is becoming more and more common in the healthcare industry). InstructionsBuilding upon the input you gave in Week 3 regarding whether the two merging organizations should consolidate their disparate EHR systems, let’s assume that the organization you are merging with has an Electronic Health Record (EHR) that is not certified through the ONC Health IT Certification Program. Prepare an SBAR (outline the Situation, give some Background, and then give your Assessment and Recommendation) with this new twist. Which EHR would you recommend the two organizations use? Why? Be sure to support your recommendation including why it is important to have certified healthcare technology, or why not. Some other things to consider in your assessment include: What workflows and process can be the most problematic when two organization merge? How might this impact which EHR is used? Which HIT standards and regulations are critical to consider as part of the process? How do you recommend mitigating risks to these issues/risked you identified?Lastly, make sure to support your arguments/statements with references to credible resources. Use APA citations. Resources Understanding Certified Health IT (2015 Edition Certification Criteria Categories) wheel (Links to an external site.) Glondys, Barbara. “Getting Started with Information Governance: Applying SBAR to IG” Journal of AHIMA 87, no.2 (February 2016): 34-36.

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