revise marketing plan 4 pages

revise marketing plan 4 pagesQuestions My professor commentedYour marketing plan still lacks the specific information that is required of a marketing plan.  You are still skirting many issues and are not really telling me enough information to determine whether this  plan is viable or not.I have many of the same critiques that I had in the feedback in Attempt 1.  Age and Demographics of the Target Market. Are you reselling or are you manufacturing product? You have given me pricing chart and listed the various products, but how much do you plan on selling?  You have given me the profit chart, but what are your goals for achieving sales that will provide that profit?  Sure this is difficult to imagine, but you must do it.How much in sales does the sex toy industry make annually?  I am sure there is room for growth, but  how much is that growth expected to be from the financial experts?Your 4Ps need to be expanded and more information is needed for you to describe your products’ value and your promotional efforts should be more detailed.You have chosen  to write on this industry, which is a difficult and delicate topic to write about.  But you can do it.

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