management presentation and need an explanation

management presentation and need an explanationUncategorized management presentation and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Assignment: Conduct a SWOT and TOWS analysis on the same company you selected for yourfirst assignment. Do not select a new company.Your presentation should include the following:1. SWOT conduct a full SWOT analysis. You must complete all 4 SWOT elements.2. TOWS create a TOWS analysis using the elements you identified in SWOT. You mustcomplete any 2 of 4 TOWS elements.3. A 2-3 slides summarizing and providing insight into what the reader should takeaway fromthe TOWS anaylsis.Hints:1. You are free to search and use online resources as inspiration to complete this assignment,but make sure to write in your own words. When reviewing your assignment ask yourself,“does my assignment sound like me?” and “would I have written like this if I hadn’t foundthe online resource?”2. Do not share information with each other as it can inadvertently lead to an academicviolation3. When sourcing information from online, make sure to close the reference webpage beforeyou write your work to avoid an academic violation.4. Review the class work for a refresher on how we worked through the SWOT and TOWS.5. Make sure to properly reference each element in the canvas as evidence is foundational toestablishing credibility in your work. 6. Imagine that you are creating this presentation for the executive leadership of thecompany you selected. Make sure the language and insights are at a level appropriate foran executive audience.7. Do not provide an explanation/definition of SWOT and/or TOWS. The assumption is that weare all capable executives and we already know what SWOT and TOWS are, a definitionwould be redundant. 8. Feel free to use bullet points to fill out SWOT and TOWSImportant Note:1. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated2. All online material must be in your own words. Do not use language found online.3. All sources must be properly cited (as per APA)Submission Format1. The title slide must contain:a. The Course Titleb. Professor Namec. Full name (as registered in school) + student IDd. Date2. Presentation must be in Microsoft PowerPoint and must not exceed 20 slides (Excludingtitle page, table of contents and appendices).

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