Management Foundation Studies Introduction to Management Continual Assessment 2

Management Foundation StudiesIntroduction to ManagementContinual Assessment 2 – Individual Assignment (40%)Read the instructions in your Course Outline, CA Outline and your Canvas portalcarefully. If you still have queries read the FAQ first and then email queries via yourSIM student account. You will be penalised with marks deduction if the instructions arenot strictly followed.Please be reminded that plagiarism and collusion is a serious offence, and all caseswill be referred to the administration. Grades will be withheld if the submission issuspected for plagiarism or collusion till investigations are completed.Instructions on Continual Assessment1. This is an individual assignment.2. The assignment has TWO (2) deliverables, i.e., a written report (30%) and an oralpresentation (10%). Students must complete BOTH components.3. Read the module book to have ideas on these topics.• Managing Ethics and Workforce Diversity (Session 2)• Managing in the Global Environment (Session 3)• Decision Making (Session 4)• Planning (Session 5)• Organisation Structure (Session 6)• Leaders and Leadership (Session 7)• Motivation (Session 8)4. About the written report (30%)4.1.Each student must submit ONE report. Students should a keep a copy ofassignment submitted.4.2.Look for a manager – can be located in any part of the world. Contact thisperson to find out in detail how TWO topics are implemented in an organisation.The contact person should know something about management or hasmanagement responsibility in the organisation. Information can be obtainedthrough internet research and/or any other information available in the libraryor published materials.4.3.Write a report on the TWO topics. The report should focus on:a. Analysis of actions taken by the organisation, andb. Suggestions and solutions to enhance the organisation performance.4.4.The report should have an introduction, analysis and suggestions on the twotopics, conclusion, references and appendices, as appropriate.(a) The cover page should include the FULL name and Student ID number asin the register.(b) The introduction should briefly include background of the manager andorganisation and the purpose of the report. Maximum 100 words.(c) The conclusion should summarize key findings in the report. Maximum 100words.(d) Each student is required to provide at least THREE (3) references in APAformat.(e) The appendix should include name, job title and contact details of managerwhom you contact in the organisation, as appropriate.4.5.The report must be type-written with words in 1.5 line spacing, font-size 12,Times New Roman. This report must be submitted in Word format.4.6.The report should not exceed 1200 words (excluding references andappendices). State the word count at the end of the report.4.7.The report will be marked out of 75 marks and counts for 30% of the totalassessment in the module. Please refer to marking rubric for breakdown ofmarks.Deadline: 05 Sep 2022, by 11:59am.Penalty Marks for Late Submission of AssignmentWithin 24 hours: 20% to be deducted from total marksMore than 24 hours: submission will be graded zeroCA Submission: CAs must be submitted to online Canvas portal by the due date.5. About the oral presentation (10%)5.1.Each student will be interviewed on his/her individual project for about 5minutes by the lecturer from session 12 onwards. Student should demonstrategood understanding and knowledge of your report.5.2.The interview schedule (date, time slot, mode of interview) will be shared bythe lecturer.5.3.The oral presentation will be marked out of 25 marks and counts for 10% of thetotal assessment in the module. Please refer to marking rubric for breakdownof marks.Marking Rubric:Rubric for reportPoor Limited Average Good ExcellentIntroduction(5 marks)Poorintroductionwith nobackgroundinformationLimitedintroductionwith littlebackgroundinformationAcceptableintroductionwith somebackgroundinformationGoodintroduction withgoodbackgroundinformationExcellentintroduction withexcellentbackgroundinformationAnalysis andsuggestions(60 marks)Insufficientanalysis oftopics.Insufficientsuggestionsand solutions.Limitedanalysis oftopics.Limitedsuggestionsand solutionsAcceptableanalysis oftopics.Acceptablesuggestionsand solutionsGood analysisof topics. Goodsuggestions andsolutionsExcellentanalysis oftopics. Excellentsuggestions andsolutionsConclusion(5 marks)InsufficientconclusionLimitedconclusionthat is notjustifiedAcceptableconclusionwith somejustificationGoodconclusion thatis logicallyjustified.Excellentconclusion thatis very logicallyjustified.Language Useandmechanics ofwriting(5 marks)Significanterrors ingrammar andspelling makingthe submissionunreadableMinor errors ingrammarand/orspelling butnot makingthesubmissionunreadableNo errors ingrammar orspelling withacceptablesentence andconnectivityNo errors ingrammar orspelling withgood sentenceand connectivityNo errors ingrammar orspelling withexcellentsentencestructure andconnectivityRubric for oral presentationPoor Limited Average Good ExcellentCompetencein contents(20 marks)Provided pooranswers toquestions anddemonstratedpoorcompetence onindividualprojectProvided limitedanswers toquestions anddemonstratedlimitedcompetence onindividual projectProvidedaverageanswers toquestions anddemonstratedaveragecompetence onindividualprojectProvided goodanswers toquestions anddemonstratedgoodcompetenceon individualprojectProvidedexcellentanswers toquestions anddemonstratedexcellentcompetence onindividualprojectLanguage,delivery andpresentation(5 marks)Display pooreye contact,confidence andappearance.Voice isinaudible. Poorengagementwithinterviewer.Display limitedeye contact,confidence andappearance.Voice is soft.Limitedengagementwith interviewer.Displayacceptable eyecontact,confidence andappearance.Voice isacceptable.Acceptableengagementwith interviewer.Display goodeye contact,confidenceandappearanceVoice is good.Goodengagementwithinterviewer.Displayexcellent eyecontact,confidence andappearance.Voice isexcellent.Excellentengagementwith interviewer.All the best!

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