Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology project and need support to help me l

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology project and need support to help me learn.Write a research paper about one topic in physiological psychology (neuroscience).. Please select one of these two topics:1- The relationship between childhood attachment and early brain development. This topic seeks to understand the impacts of secure or insecure infant attachment on early brain development. The focus is on understanding and proposing the most efficient childhood attachment modalities to speed up and enhance normal brain development among infants. The topic will expound on the impacts of childhood attachment on child development and lifetime functioning. An investigation of childhood attachment issues will help understand the impact of parenting styles on an infant’s development. Demystifying the challenges will also guide the proposition of the most efficient parenting styles, particularly in relation to attachment. This will ensure the proposition of effective attachment modalities that foster positive brain development, especially at early ages.2- Maternal depression and child development. The focus of the topic is to examine the prevalence of depressive symptoms and occurrences amongst mothers and women in the child-bearing age bracket. The paper will also analyze evidence-based literature on this type of depression and its potential impacts on child development. Lastly, the paper will focus on understanding effective strategies to identify and coordinate maternal depression management to enhance child development.Attached find the rubrics and Follow the APA Guidelines and the approach of 4Es&A (see below)E – Elaborate (expand on background overview)E – Explain (discuss specific details)E – Example (provide cases, scenarios, etc.,)E -Evaluate (compare and contrast perspectives)A – Apply (present application of what was learned)

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