Introduction The final element of Emergent Strategy is Creating More Possibiliti

Introduction The final element of Emergent Strategy is Creating More PossibilitiUncategorized IntroductionThe final element of Emergent Strategy is Creating More Possibilities and as brown expands is about “where we shape tomorrow towards abundance” (p. 155). Abundance is such a keyword here, particularly as we have been examining what sustainability (education) is and for whom and for how long. I’ll acknowledge that the term sustainability has been so overused and cooped that it loses its meaning. To sustain means maintaining the status quo, yet is the status quo even worthy of sustaining? Is that what we are striving for? Last week we thought a bit about resiliency, which shows up by way of regeneration and healing, such that the natural world also has the potential to regenerate and provide abundance. That is if we begin to shift our way of approaching sustainability.However, Creating More Possibilities relies on “meaningful collaboration” (p.159) and inclusion. “The more people who cocreate the future, the more people whose concerns will be addressed from the foundational level in this world.” Brown cautions that “The other tragedy of this quick narrowing is that people get left out, not just in a slightly harmful way, but left out of how we construct every aspect of society, infrastructure and culture. We come up with incredible plans that don’t account for crucial segments of our communties- I’ve witnessed this as well, unity that entails leaving behind people with disabilities’ or trans, Indigenous, immigrant communities, and others” (2017, 156).While we approach sustainability as the entanglement between environmental sustainability and social justice and have woven much of these ideas throughout this course, this week, our exploration will center on ecojustice education (for lack of better terminology).Learning ObjectivesReenvision our understandings of sustainability as it relates to social and environmental justice, equity, and meaningful and diverse collaboration..INSTRUCTIONS:Read:Gumbs, AP (2020). Undrowned: Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals. (CH. 4 Practice) [see uploads].Read:Whyte, K. (2020). Too late for Indigenous climate justice: Ecological and relational tipping points. WIREs: Climate Change, 11(1), N.PAG. 2 clips;ASSIGNMENT:

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