How do students construct their identities through university life

How do students construct their identities through university lifeQuestions This paper will mainly focus on how students construct their identities through university life 1.The write up must start with a reflection on the interview process and method of photo elicitation. This should include discussion of these methods, and the advantages and disadvantages of photo elicitation. 2.Detail and reflect on your interview strategy and design (e.g. how you developed conversation around the photos) and support this with quotes from the interview to illustrate what worked well and what did no 3.Write up your analysis of the interview and conversation. Select images and related interview data to discuss and analyse. Structure of Main part this paper is divided into four parts, the first part will discuss how the semi-structured interview was designed and analyze the method of photo elicitation have been used during the interview; the second part will analyse the data and information which has been collected from the semi-structured interview from numbers of aspects. The following part will present what we found from the interview and discuss in depth about the data. Finally, the conclusion part will critically evaluate the usage of the interview as a way of collecting data, and some ethical issues might potentially happen during the interview.

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