General guidance: Your assignments should be word-processed (handwritten assignm

General guidance: Your assignments should be word-processed (handwritten assignmUncategorized General guidance:Your assignments should be word-processed (handwritten assignments are not accepted), usingtime new roman size 12 font, double spaced, with numbered pages and your student numberprinted as a footer on every page. The word limits stated for these assignments excludes thereference list at the end of the assignments but includes all text in the main body of theassignment (including direct quotations, in-text citations, footnotes, tables, diagrams andgraphs). Please be aware that exceeding the word count limit will affect the academic judgementof the piece of work and may result in the award of lower marks. Appendices are notconsidered a supplement, and thus, will not be assessed as part of the content of theassignments. As such, they will not contribute to the grades awarded; however, it may beappropriate to use an Appendices section for the Essay, which is a useful reference for the reader.Please note that appendices are not included in the word count.The majority of references should come from primary sources (e.g., journal articles,conference papers, reports, etc.) although you can also utilise area-specific textbooks.In the Essay, you must ensure that you use the Harvard style of referencing. Please indicatethe word count length at the end of your assignments.Marking and assessment: An Essay (3500 words +/- 10% excluding references and appendices),due at the end of Week 12. The element will be graded out of 100 and the overall passing grade is50%. The width is 70%.Learning Outcomes assessed:LO.2 Critically evaluate different leadership perspectives and theories to generate a meaningfuldepth of understanding of leadership and leadership within their own context.LO.3 Critically analyse a range of approaches used to engage and manage people to achieveorganisational outcomes in changing organisational contexts.LO.4 Critically reflect on their own leadership practice using a range of tools to enhance selfawareness and interpersonal skills and to identify areas for development that will increaseleadership ability and effectiveness.3 | P a g eAssessment guidelinesProduce a 3500-word essay exploring the leadership role in supporting employees duringchange (+/- 10%) (Excluding the list of references) which offers students the ability todemonstrate their developing knowledge and application of the theories and concepts coveredwithin weeks of their study.TaskCritically discuss the role of leadership and analyse a range of approaches used to engage andmanage people to achieve organisational outcomes during changing organisational contexts. Inyour essay ensure to include possible forces that generate resistance to change from the employee’perspective, and recommend leadership practices or models that may reduce these implications inthe working environment. The use of business examples to justify how theoretical frameworks areapplied in real context is essential.Hints and Tips• Make sure that you use formal academic language. Avoid slang and use third person(i.e. avoid ‘I’ or ‘We’)• Avoid long quotations from books or journal papers. You need to write the essay in yourown words.• Provide a reference section that is formatted in Harvard style.

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