Final Exam Self-Reflection Final Exam Instructions: 1st step-chapter. Explain wh

Final Exam Self-Reflection Final Exam Instructions: 1st step-chapter. Explain whUncategorized Final Exam Self-ReflectionFinal Exam Instructions:1st step-chapter. Explain why this chapter stood up or attracted your attention. ( 1 page )2nd step-Explain or discuss what kind of new knowledge you acquired, obtain or learn from this chapter. ( 1 page )3rd step- Describe a situation, case study or scenario related to your area of study and explain or discuss how you are planning to apply, incorporate or put into practical use this new knowledge in your professional field. (1 page)the only reference used will be:Literacy Development in the Early Years: Helping Children Read andWrite (7th Edition)- Lesley Mandel Morrow.CHAPTER 5 Language and Vocabulary DevelopmentIn this chapter contem the following topics:Language Development and ReadingTheory and Research on How Children Acquire LanguageHalliday’s Theory of Language DevelopmentBrain Development and Language and Literacy Development from Birth to Age 3Stages in Language DevelopmentHelping English Language Learners in Your ClassroomAn Idea from the Classroom: Using Props for Oral Language DevelopmentStrategies for Language DevelopmentFormats for Promoting Language and Vocabulary Development in the ClassroomAssessment of Children’s Language Development

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