Evaluation of art in promoting nationalism in KSA

Evaluation of art in promoting nationalism in KSAQuestions Senior project outline: Introduction: What is art in general and how there are different forms of art, then write a thesis statement that includes the three claims First claim paragraph: The history of art, and the purpose, how it became known as art with the different forms of art such as street art, canvas, abstract, songs, etc.. add heading for each part Second claim paragraph the development of art in Saudi Arabia, how art evolved in Saudi and especially “Khobar- Al Dammam”, and why Last claim paragraph: how can art play a huge role in promoting nationalism and pride, cultural perception, can street art promote nationalism? add evidence of art in Saudi Arabia Conclusion: conclude in research, add an opinion that it is true that art can promote nationalism This is my senior project, so I need it to be well written the topic is Evaluation of art in promoting nationalism in KSA

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