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Concern among the public sector is the demand for public organizations to be transparent about their budgets and spending habits. You have been scheduled to conduct a presentation for the State Budgeting Committee about the type of budget that the organization operates under. Identify the type of public organization for which you work, as well as what types of services, goods, or activities the organization provides to the public. Identify the size and scope of the organization. Construct a budget using Excel that will provide a breakdown of the various budget items. Copy and paste the Excel spreadsheet of your budget into a Word document. Finally, explain how the budget is made available to the public for review. For example, is the budget made available at public meetings, on a special request, published in a newsletter, on the organization’s premises during regular business hours, via the organization’s Web site, or by some other means? If the budget is not available for the public to review, explain why. Furthermore, are there any provisions in place regarding the budget being made available for public view? Explain in detail.Assignment Guidelines

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