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 How can you use the concepts of DISC in everyday life?  This final worksheet will help you understand how DISC can help to resolve conflict, just one of the many ways you can use the DISC concepts. You have watched a dysfunctional team in the Galaxy Project.  To complete worksheet 3, there is a short video (Galaxy Project 3) to watch the culmination of their work as they go into the final presentation – do you think it was successful?As we end our time with Sally, Stephanie, Tom and Dante, they have some closing comments for you and how to work better with their style.  Most importantly, they discuss how they can modify their behaviors to work better with other styles – put in another way…. think about how you can behave differently to work with other styles more effectively.  Step 1: View the five videos in this section: Galaxy Project Part 3 Working with Sally (D coworker) Working with Stephanie (I coworker) Working with Tom (S coworker) Working with Dante(C coworker)Step 2: Complete worksheet 3, about someone in your life you need to work with more productively with.   Your answers to the questions should not only answer the questions, but be well thought-out, complete, reflective and thorough.  There is no minimum or maximum written criteria.  Galaxy Project – Part 3 (3:20)http://player.olympusattelecom.com/v/au9iax12 Working with Sally (2:07)http://player.olympusattelecom.com/v/j1b2l473 Working with Stephanie (2:21)http://player.olympusattelecom.com/v/o514iq2i Working Tom (2:12)http://player.olympusattelecom.com/v/p46o3bx3 Working with Dante (3:10)http://player.olympusattelecom.com/v/lm23g1obThe post Disc3 19937649 appeared first on My Perfect Tutors.

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