Description If you select this option, you will write and record a speech to be

Description If you select this option, you will write and record a speech to beUncategorized DescriptionIf you select this option, you will write and record a speech to be given by a specific speaker of your choosing, to a specific audience in a specific situation of your choice. The speaker must be a real person and the issue must be genuine. The speech should be a persuasive one that argues for a particular side of an issue or for a particular action to be taken.Sample Topics/ScenariosThe following list offers some guidance on developing a topic for this Senior Capstone Project.Write a speech to be delivered by Dr. Andrew Weil to Congress in which he evaluates and recommends changes to the FDA’s current food and nutrition pyramid.Write a speech to be delivered by Senator Barbara Mikulski to the U.S. Senate, taking a stand on any recent legislation or issue (for example, English-only laws, illegal-immigrant legislation, military-funding legislation, or budgetary issues).Write a speech to be delivered by Dr. Barry Sears to a meeting of physicians in which he recommends whether or not pregnant women should eat fish.Write a speech to be delivered by a specific sports commissioner to a public body about some issue in the sport.Write a speech to be delivered by your PTA president to your local school board, advocating some issue related to education in your district (for example, arguing for the banning [or unbanning] of certain materials, such as books or films; arguing for additional funding for local sports teams; or arguing for funding for It’s Academic teams).Write a speech to be delivered by your state legislator to the state legislature on a state issue (for example, cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay).Use spoken English. Read it aloud yourself to make sure you have written as we speak rather than as we tend to write.Remember that someone else will be delivering this speech, not you. Do not include any personal information about yourself in the speech.Grammatical errors are embarrassing and hurt the speaker’s credibility with the audience. Make your speech error-free.Every word in the speech must be true and accurate. Do not invent scenarios. Do some research to find true anecdotes that are relevant to the topic.You may use information from your research, but every word you write must be your own. Do not copy a phrase, a sentence, a paragraph—anything—word for word. Rewrite everything.Be sure to cite or somehow give credit to your sources in your speech.Im doing an executive speech on epiliespy awareness. The speech is to be given by Glen White during a convention in baltimore in front of the Neurology department of John Hopkins and the members of the Epiliepsy foundation of maryland. This is to happen during NOvemebr Epilepsy awarness month. Glen had to experience a young child haveing a seizure and didnt know how to handle it. Glen is a ctive sunday school teacher with children that are african american.During this speech I want to first thank noth organizatons for what they have done and are doing. Point ot a few fact about awarness for all espcially for younger children and parent and teacher of children. know the waarning signs. Also I want then to step up to form more support groups in under priveldged areas. Support groups are around but they are limited. Using the current groups and use them to branch out to less fornatue areas would and can help awarnes for all young children and people.Attached is a biblography and also a speech that was written with feedback form my school.Im asking that you review the feedback along with what I have already done and comply the executive speech based upon what is provided and the above discrpbed information.

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