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communications discussion question and need an eUncategorized communications discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Learning Outcomes:Communicate better, knowing that good communicators make better managers and that communication is a dynamic process basic to individuals and organizational life.Perform all communication abilities, including thinking, writing, speaking, listening, and assessing the technology.Analyze effective business letters, memorandums, and case studies.Assignment Question(s):Part1: Writing Exercise In the role of a senior decision-maker in your business, write an announcement for your employees on one of the following subjects: (5 Marks)Write a bad-news message to your customer informing him/her that their claim was rejected. (2.5 Marks)Consider firing one of your employees. What communication channel would you choose to inform him/her about your decision and why? (2.5 Marks) On-site smokingChanges in working hoursOvertimeOr early retirement.Part 2: Critical Thinking Here is a portion of an online forum about a company’s performance review system:Jackson: Our current performance review system really isn’t working well. Can you all share your major concerns with the current annual system and share what you view as the benefits of a quarterly review system?(2) Cynthia: It really doesn’t matter what we think about the review system. Management won’t listen to us anyway.(3) Erin: Do any of you know when the next team meeting is? I have it on my calendar for next Monday but that’s Labor Day. Pretty sure that’s not right.(4) Nigel: Whether our reviews are annual, quarterly, daily, or hourly, we never get evaluated fairly, especially in our department. Wayne has his favorites.(5) Vilma: I don’t think we should change anything. I think our human resource team is all knowing and has created a perfect system. I’m motivated to improve my behavior every single time I get my annual review back. It’s always the happiest day of the year! Of course, if we had a quarterly system, we could have four happy days per year. Food for thought.Read the sample forum and answer the following questions:What is the primary problem with section 2 of the forum? (1 Mark)What is the primary problem with section 3 of the forum? (1 Mark)What is the primary problem with section 4 of the forum? (1 Mark)What is the primary problem with section 5 of the forum? (1 Mark)How to turn this forum into an effective one? (1 Mark)Answers Answer-Answer-Answer-

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