Chooseone of the below for your main post. Women welders, 1943; from artstor.o

Chooseone of the below for your main post. Women welders, 1943; from artstor.oUncategorized Chooseone of the below for your main post.Women welders, 1943; from What effect did theWorld War II wartime experience have on African Americans? Did theirexperiences help or hinder the progress toward equality in America? How werethey treated during World War II? Did the government take any steps to easediscrimination against African Americans in war industries?2.) How did the warchange African American attitudes towards their status in American society? Howdid it change their aspirations?3.) How did the rhetoricof World War II bring the contradiction between the principle of equal freedomand the actual status of blacks to the forefront of national life? One blackwoman said about the war that it was Hitler that got blacks out of the whitefolks’ kitchen. How did they “move out of the kitchen” and whatforces were behind those achievements?4.) How did the DoubleV campaign spark a civil rights movement? How successful was the Double Vcampaign?5.) Did World War IIredraw the boundaries of American citizenship? Compare the experiences ofblacks during World War I and during World War II.6.) Franklin D. Rooseveltsaid that to be an American has always been a “matter of mind andheart,” and “never . . . a matter of race or ancestry.” Was thistrue for African Americans? How did the language of freedom and democracy helpopen doors of opportunity for African Americans? What obstacles remained forfull success?7.) Eric Foner wrote,“the language with which World War II was fought helped to lay thefoundation for postwar ideals of human rights that extend to all mankind.”Do you agree with the statement as it pertains to African Americans? ForAfrican Americans, during World War II and the postwar era, what freedoms wereextended or contracted?

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