Assignment 3 : Controlling Cost for Nursing Practice (20 points) Need to include

Assignment 3 : Controlling Cost for Nursing Practice (20 points) Need to includeUncategorized Assignment 3 : Controlling Cost for Nursing Practice (20 points)Need to include types of Budget processes: incremental budgeting , zero based budgeting, flexible budgeting, performance budgeting. ( can do 2 of the 4)Assignment Criteria:Develop a scholarly paper that addresses the following criteria:1. Discuss the budgetary processa. Types of budgetsb. Budgeting measures2. Discuss health-care reimbursementa. Medicare and Medicaidb. Prospective payment systemsc. Managed care3. Include cost containment and the role of the nursea. Balancing cost and quality of care4. Discuss Health-Care Reform and the Affordable Care Acta. Bundled paymentsb. Hospital Value-Based Purchasingc. Health Insurance Marketplaces5. The scholarly paper shoulda. 4 to 6 pages, excluding the title and reference page.b. Include an introductory paragraph, purpose statement, and a conclusion.c. Include level 1 and 2 headings to organize the paper.d. Write the paper in third person, not first person (meaning do not use ‘we’ or ‘I’) and in a scholarly manner. To clarify: I, we, you, me, our is not used. In addition, describing yourself as the researcher or the author should not be used.e. Include a minimum of three (2) peer-reviewed scholarly journal references to support the paper (review in Ulrich Periodical Directory) and be less than five (5) years old.f. APA format is required (attention to spelling/grammar, a title page, a reference page, and in-text citations).6. Note: please provide a report for originality when done.

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