Learning Goal: I’m working on a c++ project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.a) Class PerformanceClass PerformanceAssume there are ten exam scores in the class. (Range of each exam is 0 to 100). Youneed to find the highest and the lowest exam scores among the given one-dimensionalarray. Write a C program to find the largest and smallest elements of a given array ofintegers. Then find the class exam[] = { 70, 80, 90, 85, 30, 40, 95, 60, 85, 78 }A partially completed C code has been given below:b)Monkey BusinessA local zoo wants to keep track of how many pounds of food each of its three monkeyseats each day during a typical week(Monday through Friday). Write a program thatstores this information in a two-dimensional array(3 × 5 arrays), where each rowrepresents a different monkey, and each column represents a different day of the week.The program should first have the user input the data for each monkey. Then, it shouldcreate a report that includes the following information: The total amount of food eaten by each monkey in a week (a typical week is Mondaythrough Friday. 5 days.) The greatest amount of food eaten by any one monkey. (Work on this part after youget the rest of the program working. You may want to come up with 3 new variablesto complete this part.)Hint:// Array to hold the monkey datafloat food[MONKEYS][DAYS]; // In your case this would be: float food[3][5]// You will need to use nested loops to deal with 2D-arrays

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